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      Established in 1994, Goldenbamboo Electronics (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd has been specialized in developing and manufacturing high-frequency transformers, ADSL transformers, power inductors, low-frequency transformers, and various hollow coils. Filter inductors developed in 2010 are successfully applied to anti-lock brake system and DC motor in automotive industry. Taking quality and customer satisfaction as our priority, making good faith and practical spirit as our operation philosophy, we operate in accordance with ISO9001 standard, improve both quality and productivity, and attach more importance to customers' demands and level of after sales service. In order to fit in the development requirement of market, we bring in a series of automatic equipment and precise instrument, aiming at innovation and improvement on quality and technology, and making it our best appreciation to the kindness and support for our customers.  

      Given the rapid development in foreign transaction, we established Tak Lik Electronics Company Limited in 2004 as our sales company to enlarge the business of products produced by Goldenbamboo.

      Equipped with modern production lines, we assure a 100% compliance to the IATF 16949 & ISO9001 standards during production, complying with UL, CE, AECQ200, RoHS, Reach, etc.

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      Switchboard(CN): +86 756 851-1086
      Directly line (EN):+86 756 395 1920
      Directly line (JP):+86 756 395 1903
      E-mail market@goldcoil.com
      All rights reserved ? Goldenbamboo electronics( ZH ) Co.,Ltd

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